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Hey everyone, it’s me Adam Yee

Most of the Asians I’ve met in Phoenix say there’s no good Asian food. I mean, compared to places like California and Vancouver, the Phoenix Asian food scene may not be spectacular, but there are a lot of places that will satisfy your taste buds.

I started to organize an Asian meetup group in late 2015 and started to pick out good Asian restaurants that either I’ve heard about, been told about or been to myself. I go to them and people love it and thank me for going to places that they’ve never heard of before.

For those that do not know me, I am the very definition of “live to eat”. At about 10 years old, I started experimenting in the kitchen until the end of high school where I hosted dinner parties and had people eat my food. I had a fork in the road when choosing my next career path: either being a chef or become a food scientist. Some would say I took the road less traveled by… and that made all the difference.

I was extremely fanatical in my college career doing all sorts of food related stuff and always raving about the food in San Luis Obispo. Even though there was barely any Asian food in SLO, it did have some gems. I graduated with a BS in Food Science and I work as a person who makes new food products in a health and wellness company. So my opinion on good food holds some merit. Part of my duties as a food scientist is to taste things so you could even say I’m a professional.

I moved to Phoenix in 2014 and I saw the dismal Asian population of about 5%. That probably meant there were little to no Asian restaurants. However, from joining the right eating groups and knowing the right people, my Asian food vocabulary grew in Phoenix.

My goal in 2016 is to write 800-1000 words a day and I wanted to really practice writing about the food I eat. Since then, I’ve hosted another blog, and do yelp reviews.

I hope this little pet project will show you that there is good food in Phoenix. People suck at advertising in Phoenix and you just need to be in the know sometimes to eat good food. Let me be the person that helps you be in the know.

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If you have a restaurant you want me to review or just want to talk about food, you can reach me at adamwongyee@gmail.com.